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Welcome to InnoPharm

The Innopharm Ltd is a dynamically emerging pharmaceutical company. We develop and sell vitamin and mineral containing medicines and food supplements which can be bought in several forms and units.
Our products are produced under good manufacturing practice. Our products have excellent quality, they are safe and are registered by the National Institue of Pharmacy and Nutrition. Our food supplement products can be found in almost 1300 pharmacies. We support the pharmacy sales with a dedicated team visiting the pharmacies on a daily basis. The tools and skills of the team permit to represent the products of other companies too. Accordingly we supported the launch and distribution of national and foreign products in the last years.

Featured products

Vitamin B1-, B2-, B3-, B6-, B12 contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system. . Iron, vitamin C and B12 contribute to reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


Vitamin C and vitamin D3 contributes the normal function of immune system.


Diabest capsules contain 12 active ingredients, complex multivitamin product, wich components (vitamins, minerals, and ginseng) are selected according to the diabetics’ needs.


About Diabest®
Vitamin B containing products